The advantages of individualised teaching at school

The concept of individualised teaching is increasingly present in our classrooms. Offering each student a personal plan, which allows them to develop their personal qualities, will improve their results. At El Altillo International School we develop a teaching programme which is adapted to the needs of each student, in order to accompany them throughout their academic development.

What is individualised teaching?

What is known as individualised teaching is an academic method based on adapting the teaching itself to the particular needs of each student.

Individualised education methods do not mean isolating each pupil in a completely individual process. On the contrary, socialisation is a fundamental part of the learning process, but each pupil requires a different learning process.

The importance of individualised teaching lies precisely in the possibility for each pupil to develop his or her own abilities on the basis of a general curriculum, which is adapted to his or her qualities.

The benefits of individualised teaching

The individualised teaching method has the following advantages for pupils:

One of the main benefits of individualised education is the resolution of doubts. If the teacher is able to attend to each student in a personalised way, it will be possible to solve all their doubts in the classroom in an efficient way.
Learning monitoring is also important. Teachers can analyse the level of each student and monitor their progress, using methods that adapt to different paces.
The ability to maintain the motivation and attention of each student is also one of the advantages of individual teaching processes.
Enhancing personal work is also one of the advantages when working in a classroom where all pupils have a personal learning framework.
Another advantage is the possibility of teaching students that their education does not only depend on educational institutions, but that it will be a permanent process, to which they must commit themselves.

Individualised teaching techniques in the classroom

There are various techniques that we can apply to individualised teaching processes. Among the processes that we can implement, we highlight the following.

Individual monitoring is very important, therefore we must establish evaluations with which we can check the development of each pupil. The following teaching processes will depend on these results.
It is also important to set aside specific times to resolve doubts, both individually and in common. Set aside times when students can resolve doubts related to the syllabus.
Setting different tasks and activities in relation to the same topic is also important. It also allows the same subject to be perceived from different points of view, based on the interests of each learner.
It is important to offer personalised feedback, responding to the needs of each learner.
Activities aimed at motivating learners are also important, so that they themselves are the driving force behind their learning process.
Activities in which the learner actively participates are also recommended, in order to share different aspects and points of view about a topic proposed in the classroom.

Individualised education in language learning

This methodology can be applied to different subjects; there is individualised education in physical education, mathematics and also in languages.

Academic methods establish knowledge that students must assimilate throughout each cycle, however, in order for the learning curve to be adequate, each student needs a personalised process. This need is accentuated during the years prior to university, because each student will progress in very specific parts of the language, which will allow them to arrive prepared at the university stage, especially if they opt for an international education model.

At El Altillo International School we develop programmes that focus on language learning from the first academic years. Throughout their training period, we develop personalised programmes, with which our students build a broad base, but at the same time develop their own personal skills related to the use of languages.

In the last years of their training prior to university education, we include the possibility of learning a specific part of the language related to their future education. In this way we contribute to facilitating their adaptation, in the case of students who choose to undertake international studies.

El Altillo International School

Individualised teaching allows us to adapt the academic programmes to the abilities and needs of each student, from the first years of education to pre-university courses. At El Altillo International School we apply various techniques related to individual teaching, so that each of our students can be educated in the most suitable environment.

Encouraging responsibility and autonomy is one of our objectives. Through our teaching programmes we ensure that our students are aware of the importance of a period of learning for their future, which continues beyond our classrooms.