The goal of the Baccalaureate educational programme Defining Excellence is to give students the skills and abilities that will take them through higher education to a successful career marked by satisfaction, personal achievement and success.

We foster students’ self-reliance and learning based on cooperation in projects. This model relies on the interests of the students themselves to drive their research in all areas of knowledge.

Knowledge is derived from experience and encourages collective rule setting based on mutual respect and co-existence. Our society is becoming more and more diverse and connected, making these working methods essential training for students who will go on to join companies and organisations.

The Defining Excellence programme puts emphasis on teachers’ and students’ preparation for the University Entrance Exams. The results, pass grades and the requirements of the degrees and the universities themselves demand extensive knowledge and experience on the part of the teacher.

Our goal is to guide our university candidates to excellence so they can engage with their new environment with confidence. Their personal values, knowledge and skills will ensure they make the most of their university years in preparation for their future.

Please contact Pilar Vergara, our Director of Admissions and Marketing, for more information.