English School in Jerez

El Altillo International School is an English school in Jerez capable of offering the best educational proposal for your children. From the perspective offered by the British education system, we develop programmes based on language learning from the first academic years, preparing our students for a global future, to which they are committed.

Discover the English School of Educational Excellence in Jerez

Our pedagogical approach and our modern facilities are two of the reasons why our English school in Jerez is a reference in our area.

Our pedagogical approach and commitment to quality education

At our English school in Jerez, our pedagogical approach is centred on the holistic development of our students. Based on British educational principles, our curriculum promotes critical thinking, creativity and independence in learning. Highly qualified and committed teachers guide students towards academic success, fostering values such as responsibility and respect.

Our commitment to quality education is reflected in the individual attention we give to each student. We understand that each student is unique and therefore tailor our methods to meet their specific needs, ensuring effective and meaningful learning.

Modern and safe facilities for an optimal learning environment

At our English school in Jerez, we believe that an optimal learning environment is critical to the success of our students. That’s why we have modern and safe facilities that include state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, libraries and recreational areas. This creates an environment conducive to discovery, exploration and growth.

Our concern for student safety is paramount. We maintain rigorous standards to ensure a safe and welcoming environment where students can focus on their education and personal development.

Why choose our English School in Jerez?

Our educational experience, the quality of our teaching staff, the British educational programmes and education from a holistic point of view, are the benchmarks of our educational process.  

Our track record as a benchmark for excellence in education

Our long educational trajectory and commitment to academic excellence has consolidated us as a benchmark in the field of education. The best proof of this are the results of our students. 

Highly qualified and committed teaching staff

Our teachers are experts in their fields and are dedicated to inspiring students. Their passion for teaching and their commitment guarantee a quality education.

Enriching academic programmes and extra-curricular activities

We offer a rigorous curriculum ranging from academics to culture and sports. Extracurricular activities enrich the educational experience, offering students opportunities to develop skills beyond the classroom.

All-round student development: academics, sport and the arts

We promote the all-round development of our students, not only in academics, but also in sports and the arts. This ensures that every student has the opportunity to explore and develop their talents in a variety of areas.

Educational offer at our English School in Jerez at all levels

Our English School in Jerez offers a wide and comprehensive range of courses at all levels. Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in a rigorous programme, based on British educational principles. 

Students have access to a quality education and we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, sports and cultural programmes to enrich their educational experience.

Our aim is to prepare students for a successful future, with the tools and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of today’s world.


In the infant stage, our international school in Cádiz focuses on providing a safe and stimulating environment where pupils can develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills. Our highly trained teachers use age-appropriate teaching methods, encouraging curiosity and learning through play, language and exploration.


Primary is a pivotal period where students begin to build a solid foundation in key subjects such as maths, science, English, etc. Our British curriculum promotes critical thinking and problem solving, preparing students for later academic challenges.


In secondary school, students continue their academic and personal development. They are faced with a broader and more diversified curriculum that includes additional subjects and extracurricular opportunities related to language learning. We prepare students for international examinations and guide them in their choice of future studies.


In baccalaureate, students prepare for entry into higher education. We offer a wide range of subjects and a strong academic orientation to help students achieve their international academic and career goals.

Admission and enrolment process

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