Enrolment at the International School Jerez

El Altillo International School is an international school in Jerez with a programme that goes beyond language learning, it is about preparing our students for an international future.

Discover Colegio Internacional Jerez El Altillo International School

Students at our international school in Jerez have the opportunity to learn in an educational space that aims to achieve the highest educational excellence. The environment in which we educate our students allows us to ensure a comprehensive education, in which all of our students’ abilities are taken into account. 

Education of excellence with an international focus in Jerez

We stand out for offering an education with an international focus. Our curriculum is broad and diversified, incorporating the best of global education systems. Our students not only master several languages, including English, but also develop a deep understanding of different cultures and global perspectives. This prepares them to be global citizens, capable of contributing to the future in an internationally connected environment.

Our commitment to the integral development of our students

Commitment to the holistic development of students is at the heart of our educational philosophy. Beyond academic achievement, we foster skills such as critical thinking, creativity and empathy. Our programmes include extracurricular activities in the arts, sports and science, ensuring a balanced development that encompasses emotional, physical and social aspects.

Modern and welcoming facilities for an optimal learning environment

Our school facilities are modern and welcoming, designed to create an optimal learning environment. We have technologically advanced classrooms, inspiring art spaces and complete sports areas. 

The safety and well-being of our students are paramount, and our facilities reflect our commitment to providing a safe and stimulating environment for learning and growth.

Among our main facilities, we highlight the following:

  • Natural Sciences and Chemistry Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • 3 computer classrooms
  • 20 classrooms with interactive whiteboards
  • All classrooms equipped with computer and projector.
  • 7-a-side football pitch with artificial turf
  • 4 paddle tennis courts
  • 2 multi-sports courts
  • Roller hockey rink
  • 2 basketball courts
  • Indoor gymnasium with climbing wall
  • Ballet room
  • Library
  • Music school 
  • Plastic arts workshop
  • Dining room
  • Sleep room
  • Reading corner
  • Cooperative work area

Why choose our International School in Jerez?

The reasons why our international school in Jerez has become a reference in Andalusia are the following.

Outstanding and internationally recognised academic record

Our international school in Jerez has an outstanding academic track record, internationally recognised for its excellence and innovative approach. El Altillo International School has established itself as a benchmark for advanced learning, attracting families who value quality education with a global perspective.

Highly qualified teachers committed to educational excellence

The teaching staff at our school are highly qualified native speakers. Our teachers, experts in their respective disciplines, are dedicated to inspiring and motivating students, fostering a stimulating and respectful learning environment. Their pedagogical approach focuses on adapting to the individual needs of each student, ensuring a personalised and effective learning experience.

Rigorous and Enriching Academic Programmes

The academic programmes at our school are rigorous and enriching, covering a wide range of disciplines, with a focus on language learning. These programmes are designed to challenge students intellectually, preparing them for internationally recognised examinations.

Developing 21st Century Skills and Competencies for Future Success

Our school places particular emphasis on the development of contemporary skills and competencies essential for our students’ future success. This includes critical thinking, creativity, digital skills, collaboration and effective communication, preparing students not only for higher education, but also for a successful career in an increasingly globalised and connected world.

Educational offerings at our Jerez International School for all levels

Language learning is developed at every educational stage. 

Infant Education

Early Childhood Education focuses on exploration and play, encouraging curiosity and social skills. Children are introduced to basic concepts of reading, writing and conversation, so that they learn English at the same pace as they develop their mother tongue.

Primary Education

During Primary Education, more complex grammar and vocabulary is consolidated, encouraging fluency and confidence in the use of the language.

Secondary Education

In Secondary Education, English is studied in a more advanced way. Work is done on reading comprehension, writing and oral skills, preparing students for debates and presentations in English.


In Baccalaureate, students reach a higher level in English. They focus on academic language skills, literary analysis and preparation for international exams, ensuring their competence in the language for higher education and professional environments.

International focus and bilingualism at our International School Jerez

Our international school in Jerez focuses on language learning through international experiences and the awarding of official qualifications.

Bilingual programmes that promote fluency in English and Spanish

At our international school, we offer bilingual programmes that promote fluency in both English and Spanish. Our educational approach focuses on language immersion, enabling students to master both languages through an integrated and practical methodology, preparing them for a global environment.

International experiences and connections with schools around the world

We provide enriching international experiences through PSI’s educational environment, establishing connections with schools around the world. We promote cultural and academic exchange, enabling our students to participate in international exchange programmes and collaborative projects, broadening their horizons.

International certifications and accreditations

Our students’ results in official language tests are our best guarantee. Over the years, our students have obtained exceptional results in national and international tests. Our programmes encourage preparation for these tests.

Admission and enrolment process

To begin the admission process, please contact our international school in Jerez. Depending on the course the student joins, a level test may be required.

Testimonials from satisfied parents

Contact form for enquiries and to request a visit

We are located in Jerez, in the province of Cádiz, in a privileged enclave, fully equipped for education. Our address is as follows.

  • C/ Santiago de Chile, s/n, 11407 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) – Spain

You can also contact us by phone, email, and fax: