The idea behind the Secondary teaching programme Leading Ahead is that teaching and learning are a constant dynamic process that relies on participation and exchange. Students learn, think and acquire knowledge with classmates and teachers, with families playing a vital part in the formation of their characters.

Leading Ahead takes this three-part approach to the students into account and sets the goals of their education in ethical and civic terms as well as the acquisition of knowledge. All this takes place with trilingual teaching in English, French and Spanish.

Leading Ahead aspires to smart use of digital and multimedia skills.

Teaching strategies encourage students to work in groups. The principles of cooperative learning, problem-based and project-based learning are applied in each subject and in multi-disciplinary work.

Teaching is student-centred. Students are guided and provided with skills and tools to solve problems and complex situations and to start and lead their own projects. We show them how to be flexible in their ideas and to change as they grow up. We aim to boost their motivation and drive to continue learning in an international and global environment.

Please contact Pilar Vergara, our Director of Admissions and Marketing, for more information.