Private School in Jerez

El Altillo International School is a private school in Jerez with academic programs based on bilingualism and teaching values. The first years of a child’s schooling are very important, if we manage to transmit the right knowledge, we will be building a solid foundation for their future. In our private school in Jerez we base our educational programs on the personal abilities of each student, because we believe that each student is a unique educational project.

Why are we considered the best private school?

We are one of the private schools of reference in Jerez, due to the results obtained year after year by our students.

Great leisure, sports and cultural facilities

We have all kinds of spaces to carry out sports and cultural activities. We offer our students equipment that includes all kinds of activities to enhance their abilities.


Multilingual teaching

All our teaching programs have a special part dedicated to the learning of a second language. Multilingual teaching allows us to expand our school programs with other languages such as French or German.


Values based on integral education and respect

For us it is very important to instill a series of values based on cooperation and student involvement. It is these values that will allow them to become citizens committed to their environment.


Digital learning from the very beginning

The first school years are very important to establish a solid foundation of knowledge, our infant and primary courses focus on the personal development of the student and the skills that will be essential throughout their personal and working life

Advantages of studying in our private school

Estas son las principales ventajas de estudiar en nuestro colegio privado son las siguientes.


Educational excellence

The best endorsement for our educational method are the results that, year after year, our students obtain. Educational excellence is our first premise when it comes to offering a suitable educational environment for each student, thinking about their abilities and their future


We work on the digital competence of our students

We integrate technology throughout all educational stages. The digital competence of our students is a major issue during their learning process, so we include the use of digital media, adapted to teaching.


Personalized learning based on motivation

The emotional aspect is very important during the learning phase. We keep our students motivated and willing to continue learning, creating a positive environment. Each student is a personal project for the future, that is why we insist on the importance of the environment and motivation in order to guarantee the best academic results.


Student orientation programs

Students have the guidance they need at all times. Both the ESO and baccalaureate courses are crucial for the student’s future, our orientation programs allow us to encourage their aptitudes and help them to make the best decisions for their future.

Private school in Jerez for all stages of education

At El Altillo International School we offer you the most complete educational experience. From the first stages of kindergarten to pre-university courses, our programs focus on the teaching of languages and the transmission of values.
We know that for you, the most important thing is the future of your children, that is why we have created the most suitable educational environment. Our students learn a second language from an early age, assimilating the linguistic structures with the same ease as they learn their mother tongue. The result is a solid base, which will allow them to acquire a series of permanent knowledge.
In our school we also insist on the importance of transmitting values, all our students must become committed citizens, capable of contributing value to their environment.

Our Private School receives the best academic results!

The confirmation of the effectiveness of our educational programs are the academic results of our students. Year after year, the students of El Altillo International School obtain the best academic results, confirming the effectiveness of our educational program.

Our commitment is based on continuing to work to improve our educational offerings, incorporating new educational methods that allow us to reinforce the knowledge and self-esteem of our students.

International Bilingual Private School: International Programs

Our international programs are supported by ISP. International experiences are more than communicative activities, they are immersive practices that allow you to be in contact with other cultures through language.

We are part of the International Schools Partnership

The International Schools Partnership offers to our international school an unique learning environment in which we collaborate with other international schools. We offer our students communicative experiences, so they can put their knowledge into practice and interact with other students in an immersive way.
For our school, being part of ISP is one of the greatest values in language teaching.

Choose the best private school in Cadiz for your children’s future

At El Altillo International School we have created a unique educational experience in Cadiz, a bilingual school that offers all kinds of immersive activities related to language learning.

We offer your children the best educational experience, in an environment where they can fully develop all their skills and acquire the knowledge they will put into practice during their future career.

Enrollment period in our private school

The registration period for next year is now open, contact our bilingual school in Jerez and reserve your place.

Request a quote in our private school in Jerez

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Contact us

You can contact El Altillo International School through our website, email or telephone. If you prefer, you can come to visit our facilities and see first hand our educational offer, we are located in Santiago de Chile Street (s/n), in Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz.