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Welcome to El Altillo International School

As education professionals we know that the beginning of success lies in knowing well the issues and demands of today’s world. This allows us to glimpse the answers that our pupils will soon have to give to the challenges and opportunities of a society that will require them to be useful and competent, capable of offering their true potential and of asserting themselves as confident, active and resolute citizens.

From an educational point of view, in its broadest sense, our project stimulates the enrichment of our pupils’ personalities at crucial ages. This has a direct impact on their confidence, motivation, security and determination. The education they receive, of the highest standard, gives them not only knowledge, but instils in them competencies and values that make them outstanding young people.

Our aim is to achieve excellence in our students by awakening in them a passion for learning, fostering their critical intelligence and innate creativity. We prepare them for a successful, constructive and efficient progression that appreciates the value of the individual as well as the different and what is shared in the common, international and global interest.

Vanessa Moore
El Altillo International School

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Founded in 1998, El Altillo International School is a recognised, private, non-denominational and co-educational educational institution, whose ideology and principles are firmly committed to excellence and the highest educational quality.

Our primary objective is that our students develop a permanent and true passion for learning.

El Altillo International School spreads and instils its educational philosophy among more than a thousand pupils from the Jerez area, the Bay and the mountains of Cadiz, the northwest coast of the province, the Janda region and the southern part of the province of Seville.

Its educational philosophy is based on the principles of inspiring excellence, promoting learning and creativity, awakening and discovering the infinite possibilities in students and providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to shape their educational and professional careers in the dynamic and demanding world of tomorrow.




To be leaders in the education sector in Andalusia and to be recognised as the school of reference for educational quality, values and principles.


To form citizens committed to learning, knowledge and universal values for their full development in a changing and global society.

Our educational objectives

  1. To raise our pupils’ awareness of respect for the environment.
  2. To instil empathy, social skills and open-mindedness in pupils.
  3. To encourage creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. To develop thinking, daring, inquiring and reflective pupils.
  5. To create committed, responsible, upright and caring students.
  6. To develop communication skills in different languages.
  7. To promote learning and the ability to solve problems individually and in teams.
  8. Encourage pupils to develop high digital skills and the rational use of new technologies.
  9. To educate pupils in healthy habits through sport and nutrition.
  10. Promote academic and human excellence.


El Altillo International School is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) to offer education from Year 1 to the second year of the Spanish Bachillerato course.

We are proud to have achieved accreditation in educational quality from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). WASC is a renowned international association that certifies the highest standards in teaching, organisation and finance for schools around the world.

We prepare our students to pass the exams set by Cambridge University (Young Learners, KET, PET, First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency) and Trinity College (all levels). We are an official examination centre for both bodies.

We also prepare our students to sit the French exams of the Institut Culturel Français.

We are also authorised to teach elementary grade music and dance, and our students can take the exam to obtain the official music qualification from London’s Trinity College .

We have implemented the International Primary Curriculum – IPC, which is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. It also develops international mindedness and encourages personal learning. The IPC has a global outlook. It teaches children to understand where they live and to make connections with other people in other countries.

We are part of the Microsoft IT Academy Programme to strengthen our students’ technology skills.

We are also among the schools around the world offering the Middle Years and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which are used in 147 countries. The latter is a rigorous, balanced, 2-year programme which is excellent preparation for higher education and adult life in a global society. The programme is recognised and accepted by prestigious universities around the world.

The Digital Manufacturing Workshop of El Altillo International School is a member of the world Fab Lab network.

Our full volunteering programme works with UNICEF, ACTUR and the Cambiavidas NGO, part of the Irish Bóthar charity, to promote sustainable development.