International school in Cadiz

El Altillo is an international school in Cadiz, with an academic method focused on language learning through immersive experiences. Our educational experience is focused on the use of Spanish and English, through classroom activities and international experiences with other bilingual schools. 

The benefits of a bilingual education are completed with the learning of a third language, German or French, during the secondary school years. We apply a teaching process focused on the daily use of the language, with which we ensure that our students’ communication skills develop as naturally as they learn their mother tongue. The result is a permanent knowledge base, which is perfected during the final years of school, preparing our students for university education and their future employment.

What is an International School?

An international school is a school that is able to develop activities with other international schools in order to offer its students a quality education, based on learning in the classroom and in environments beyond the school itself. 

El Altillo International School is an international school in Jerez, Cádiz, which is part of the International Schools Partnership, an association made up of more than 50 academic institutions from 15 different countries, which allows us to develop an international program on a continuous basis, adapting the teaching of English to the level of the different academic stages. 

If you are looking for an international school in Cadiz for your children, at El Altillo International School we offer you the best educational experience, with international programs oriented to the practical use of the language.   

Advantages of our International School in Madrid for your children

Our international school in Cadiz offers your children the following advantages.

  • Learning a second language from the early stages of education allows them to assimilate the language at the same pace as they learn their mother tongue. 
  • It improves cognitive performance in general terms, and therefore, these abilities are evident in other aspects of learning.
  • Approaching a language through an international experience facilitates knowledge of other cultures as part of learning.
  • Communicating in English is a basic job skill today. In an increasingly interdependent world, speaking English is a fundamental workplace skill.
  • International programs strengthen students’ communication skills. 


Beyond the academic advantages, early language learning has many other advantages related to comprehension skills and knowledge of other points of view.  


Objectives of our International School

The objectives of our international school are very broad and go beyond language learning. Values such as respect for the environment, empathy or creativity are essential in our educational programs, that is why we insist daily so that our students understand the importance of these attitudes and their value for society as a whole.

Regarding the objectives exclusively related to the international program, our main objective is that our students develop a high competence in the practical sense of the language, starting from a broad theoretical base. 

The use of the language is different in the work environment than in the academic environment. In the last school years prior to university education, our students begin to familiarize themselves with an aspect of the language that will be very useful in the work environment. 

Finally, our basic objectives also include the necessary motivation for our students to continue to improve their level in the future. Learning a language is an ongoing process, and our teachers ensure that our students perceive their training as a continuous development, which is part of their personal capabilities


We are part of the International Schools Partnership

The international character of our school is complemented by our ongoing collaboration with the International Schools Partnership (ISP). The ISP program combines both classroom activities, which begin during the first years of primary school, and international trips and experiences in other countries, in collaboration with bilingual academic centers. 

During the secondary grades, many of the activities are face-to-face and are based on exchanges. This type of activity promotes language exchange and the use of language in a practical way, but it is also a method to learn about other cultures, through an immersive process, which is adapted to the level of each academic stage.


The best international programs at our school

An international school must have a continuous program adapted to the level of each cycle. Our students learn through classroom activities, which serve to prepare them for their first international experiences. 

The educational experience offered by ISP is the perfect environment for our international school in Jerez. Academic excellence is achieved through academic programs that go beyond traditional offerings. El Altillo International School has the perfect learning environment for your children to develop their abilities throughout their entire school career.  

Choose the best International School for your children’s future

El Altillo International School is a school of reference in Andalusia. In addition to our academic programs, we teach values based on commitment, solidarity and responsibility. The academic results of our students each year are our best guarantee, but for the team at El Altillo International School, what is really important is that our students are trained to be the citizens of tomorrow.  

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