The main goal of El Altillo International School is the well-rounded education and maturity of its students. The learning process is supplemented by sports, cultural activities and art, religion, humanitarianism and environmental awareness and leisure.

The school pursues the following educational goals:

  • Encourage fluency in Spanish, English and French
  • Promote the values of respect for human rights and debate
  • Encourage students to cooperate and respect others
  • Help students to develop self-assessment strategies and to appreciate a job well done
  • Extend their experience, knowledge, imagination and understanding
  • Help students to be active thinkers with analytical minds, able to question and debate
  • Hold sports, cultural and art events that shape the character of students
  • Offer solid and varied academic progress based on the curriculum of the Spanish education system
  • Teach students to make rational use of new technology
  • Promote the benefits of sport and a healthy lifestyle
  • Promote chess as a sport and intellectual challenge
  • Teach students to respect the environment as the medium of human life.