Sports Activities

There are a lot of sports to take part in after school. They are for students who are members of the school clubs and those who are not. The activities include basketball, ballet, hockey, paddle tennis, skating, gymnastics, psychomotor activities, football, tennis, etc.

We have also reached an agreement with companies so that our students can go swimming, horse riding or play golf at special, exclusive rates.

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School of Music and Dance

After age 3: our students can take the exam to obtain the official music qualification from London’s Trinity College.

El Altillo International School has had an authorised School of Music and Dance since September 2000, offering official training at elementary level and instrument classes for students from age 3. There are classes for piano, guitar, clarinet and flute, as well as music and ballet.

Making music a part of children’s lives in one of our main goals.  It increases their mental, listening and sensorial abilities, speech and motor skills, as well as being a powerful tool of social integration. Music makes language learning easier, boosting memory. Music also boosts children’s mathematical abilities because of their similarities. Musical children have better lateral control, rhythm, body expression and coordination from an early age.

Please contact the directors of the Music and Dance School for more information at the email address l.fuentes@altillointernational.com or by calling 956 302 400 or 671 698 845.

For more information: Colegio Trilingue Jerez

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