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The Trilingual teaching program at El Altillo International School aims to achieve the highest educational excellence through a method based on language learning and its implementation. We are the main trilingual school in Jerez de la Frontera, essentially due to the results that our students obtain in national and international tests, which is the best proof of the effectiveness of our educational programs. 

Our Trilingual school in Jerez includes the learning of English and French from the first years of school, therefore, our students develop linguistic abilities in a natural way, at the same pace as they learn their mother tongue. Throughout the school year, each student has the opportunity to put into practice what they learn on a daily basis, both in the classroom and in international experiences, thanks to our collaboration with the International Schools Partnership (ISP).

What is a trilingual school?

A trilingual school is an educational center that incorporates English and French into its program on a continuous basis. In this case, language learning is not limited to a single subject, but becomes a fundamental part of the educational program, since English and French are used as a vehicular language in several subjects. 

Our International school in Jerez de la Frontera has developed an International curriculum, in which communication in English and French are continuous for the student. Our native and bilingual teachers encourage each student to achieve an exceptional level of communication. During the middle and high school years, the classroom experience is reinforced with international activities, where our students practice their English language skills in English-speaking countries with other students of their age. 

What does a trilingual school consist of?

A trilingual school must offer a comprehensive language learning experience. Our International school in Jerez de la Frontera offers your children the opportunity to study in a unique environment, focused on teaching from a strong language program. 

For our educational team, teaching in English is a commitment that also allows us to offer our students a quality education in all other subjects. The educational experience at El Altillo International School is incomparable, because our school also includes all kinds of facilities, focused on both learning and leisure for our students.

Why is it important to enroll your children in an International school?

La importancia de que nuestros alumnos aprendan inglés desde edades tempranas reside especialmente en la capacidad de retención lingüística que se desarrolla a edades tempranas. Durante los primeros años de vida, disponemos de mecanismos capaces de comprender y retener tanto vocabulario como estructuras lingüísticas, esta capacidad disminuye con el tiempo. Aprender un segundo idioma a la vez que desarrollamos nuestras capacidades en nuestro idioma materno permite percibir como algo natural la comunicación en ambas lenguas.

Lo que conseguimos en nuestro colegio bilingüe en Jerez de la Frontera es que nuestros alumnos se comuniquen en inglés con la misma fluidez con la que lo hacen en castellano. Al llegar a los últimos cursos académicos, nuestros estudiantes han adquirido un nivel cercano al bilingüismo, que les permite disponer de una excepcional ventaja competitiva de cara a su futuro. 

What is the curriculum of our Trilingual School in Jerez?

Our curriculum focuses on language learning throughout the educational period. English, French and Spanish are the three vehicular languages. 

Our curricula not only offer our students a complete education, but also focus on personal values and skills that we also try to stimulate. We want each student to perceive his or her own education as a permanent commitment, which goes beyond the school term. 

Advantages of a Trilingual Education in Jerez

The following are the main advantages of studying in a trilingual environment such as the one offered by our International school in Jerez. 

  • Trilingual education increases cognitive development, improving academic results in other subjects. 
  • Learning several languages improves communication skills and the mental mechanisms that deal with communication. 
  • A high level of English is a basic competitive advantage for your future. 
  • Learning languages allows you to learn about other cultures and to be aware of the environment in which we live. 

English is more than a vehicular language, it is a fundamental opportunity for your future, which also stimulates your intellectual abilities.

Requirements to study at our International School

The admissions process at El Altillo International School begins with an interview in which the school’s curriculum is analyzed and a visit to the school to see the school’s equipment.

After completing the required documents, the school evaluates the application and if it is considered suitable, a place is granted.

Primary, secondary and baccalaureate students who apply to El Altillo International School must pass a test to evaluate their level of English.

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