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Enrolment in the private school El Altillo International School

El Altillo International School is a private school in Cadiz with a clear pedagogical vocation based on language learning. As a trilingual school in Jerez, we have become a reference thanks, in large part, to the results obtained by our pupils in both national and international tests. 

Welcome to the El Altillo International School in Cadiz

Our job is to offer your children the best educational experience from their first years of schooling, right through to their pre-university courses.

The educational excellence of the International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is recognised worldwide for its educational excellence, offering a rigorous programme that prepares students to face global challenges with a critical and open mind. 

Our curriculum focuses not only on the acquisition of knowledge, but also on the development of research, communication and analytical skills. The IB places special emphasis on fostering international mindedness, understanding and respecting cultural diversity and world perspectives, and its Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) component instils values of social responsibility, empathy and ethics, encouraging students to become actively involved in their communities. 

The assessment methodology values not only memorised knowledge but also the ability to apply it in real-life contexts. Our International Baccalaureate is considered a benchmark of quality and educational excellence, our aim is to continue to educate individuals who are prepared to be active and engaged citizens in an interconnected world.

Our philosophy and commitment to quality education

At our private school in Cadiz we believe that education is the cornerstone of personal and social development. Our philosophy focuses on fostering a learning environment that promotes curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. 

We are committed to providing a quality education, understanding that each student is unique and possesses a different set of skills and passions. This commitment is reflected in our personalised pedagogical approach, where each student is the protagonist of his or her educational process. 

We encourage active participation, collaboration and mutual respect, preparing our students to be responsible and aware citizens in a globalised society. In addition, we value integral education, where ethics, empathy and social commitment are as important as academic knowledge.

An enriching and stimulating environment for the integral development of students

At El Altillo International School we firmly believe that the learning environment plays a crucial role in the formation and development of our students, which is why we have created an enriching and stimulating environment that favours the integral development of each student. 

Our classrooms are designed to foster collaboration, creativity and curiosity. We complement theoretical learning with practical experiences, educational trips with immersive experiences and interdisciplinary projects, which allow students to apply their knowledge in real contexts. 

In addition, we prioritise emotional and social well-being, offering spaces for reflection, dialogue and personal growth. Our highly trained teachers act as facilitators and mentors, adapting to the individual needs of each student

Art, sport and culture are essential components of our curriculum, guaranteeing a comprehensive education.

Educational offer adapted to the needs of each stage of education

Our educational offer is designed with the specific needs of each stage of student development in mind. Through a flexible pedagogical approach, we ensure that the content and methods used are conducive to learning, facilitating the transition between levels and enhancing the individual abilities of each student.

Why choose El Altillo International School, the private school in Cadiz?

The academic results of our students and the skills of our teachers are two of the reasons why our private school in Cadiz is a reference

Outstanding academic trajectory and recognised in the educational community

Our academic track record is distinguished by excellence and is widely recognised in the educational community. Thanks to an unwavering commitment to teaching quality and innovation, we have educated generations of well-prepared students through the teaching of languages as a basic pillar of our educational programmes.

Highly qualified teachers committed to educational excellence

Each teacher not only has a solid academic background, but also a genuine passion for teaching. Their commitment to educational excellence ensures that each student receives a comprehensive, tailored and cutting-edge education.

Rigorous and personalised academic programmes

Each educational stage follows a language-centred learning process. 


Students are introduced to the new language through songs, stories, games and activities that stimulate listening and repetition. They learn basic vocabulary and become familiar with the sounds of the language.


In primary school, vocabulary is expanded and basic grammar is introduced. Students begin to form simple sentences, engage in basic conversations and move into reading and writing.


Students deepen their grammar, enrich their vocabulary and develop reading comprehension and writing skills. Discussions, presentations and projects in English are encouraged.


At this stage, students reach a high level of fluency. They focus on literature, culture, and advanced language topics, preparing them for official exams and further studies in another language.

Our focus on academic and personal excellence

To continue to ensure the best educational experience for our students, we integrate three commitments at all stages of education. 

Innovative and enriching academic programmes

Our academic programmes combine tradition with innovation, offering an enriching curriculum that fosters critical thinking and creativity. Through the integration of technologies, active methodologies and an interdisciplinary approach, we prepare our students for a constantly changing world, ensuring their success in the global arena.

Individualised support for the development of skills and talents.

We offer individualised support, recognising and enhancing each student’s unique skills and talents. Through tutoring, personalised programmes and adaptive methodologies, we ensure that each student has the tools and guidance needed to reach their full potential and shine in their educational journey.

Workshops and extracurricular activities that foster creativity and a passion for knowledge

Our workshops and extracurricular activities are designed to spark creativity and a passion for knowledge. From art and science to sports and music, we offer a diverse range of opportunities that complement academic education, allowing students to explore their own interests, develop skills and cultivate their curiosity.

Admission and enrolment process

The admissions process at our private school in Cadiz begins with an interview with our admissions team, which includes an admissions form. The school assesses the application and, if the student joins during the Primary, Secondary or Baccalaureate stages, it will be compulsory for them to pass a test to check their level.

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