Building Digital Competencies through EdTech

At El Altillo International School we have been eager for the last couple of years to improve our digital learning offering. We have seen the increased interest in STEM skills in our student population, and through the process of helping them to develop and master them in our FabLab, we thought it was time to offer those interested the possiblity to obtain a certificate which accredits what they have learned about programming, robotics, electronics and Arduino concepts. Arduino Jr. has allowed us to do just that.


This academic year our school has teamed up with Arduino Jr. to trial a certification process in schools which allows our learners to test their individual skill set in all of these areas. We pitched this idea to students in 2nd -4th of Secondary in the form of an extra-curricular activity. Students have the freedom to work with Arduino Jr. in the FabLab and do something that highly motivates them to get better. Through this process Arduino Jr. is learning how to better tailor their materials to students and our teachers are getting valuable feedback on their learners’ capabilities and possible areas for improvement.


This March students are taking their online exams which include interactive questions on Arduino concepts and how to use the Arduino Micro controller. At the moment 5 students have passed with high marks and we look forward to more doing the same.


Israel Goitom, the IT teacher in charge of the project, points out that, “as students they show their competency in electronics and programming by moving through the lessons at their own pace. They also have the option to continue at home and can create their own projects, depending upon where their interests lie.

As a teacher it is motivating to give students autonomy over their learning”.


 We believe projects like these are worthwhile because they are a springboard for creativity and allow for a degree of preparation using advanced industry-standard technology which sets learners up for success in future endeavors.