Programming and robotics for children

Programming and robotics classes for children in El Altillo International School

Programming and robotics for children are included in our academic programmes. Technology is already part of our daily lives, and in the future, computer-related languages will be essential to develop all kinds of professional and personal tasks. That is why it is important that our students begin to assimilate and understand these codes as soon as possible.

At  Altillo International School we develop activities related to programming and robotics in our own laboratories, through programmes aimed at encouraging their creativity.

Coding and programming for primary and secondary students

Our relationship with technology, and with computing in particular, is usually developed from the user’s point of view. Our teaching programmes allow our students to create their own technology, through playful experiences that are fun for them, and at the same time allow them to begin to familiarise themselves with computer languages.

Understanding and applying computer code will be a basic knowledge in the future, through the programming of video games, our students begin to be trained in coding, which allows them to understand and apply the basics of programming from their first academic years.

Using Scratch to start programming

The tool that allows us to start programming has been developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it is Scracht, a basic programming language adapted to children from 6 years old, which allows them to program using a simple language.

What we propose to our students is to create animations, basic games and interactive actions in a collaborative way. The process is simple, the student can choose a series of objects, which, depending on their own decisions, will interact in different ways.

The programming process works like a puzzle, with which they overcome different phases while they become familiar with the programming language. Scracht is the perfect method for primary and secondary school students to get started with the programming language, and the projects can be shared and downloaded for use by the educational community.

Robotics classes at El Altillo International School

Regarding the technological training of our students, one of our main educational offers are robotics classes. At El Altillo International School we have laboratories where our students can work with the necessary equipment to develop automated systems, putting their programming knowledge into practice.

In all our educational programmes, the practical part of knowledge is fundamental. In the case of activities related to technology and the digital world, it is essential that a primary or secondary school pupil can understand the real use of a computer language. Robotics classes allow them to understand that behind the code, there are a multitude of applications which are the ones that really accompany us in our daily lives.

Internet safety guides

At El Altillo International School we integrate digital education into all our programmes. The next generations are going to develop as digital natives, which is why it is important that our schools are able to guide them correctly on how to use the internet, including the necessary safety measures to use the internet from an appropriate point of view.

With reference to the digital material we use in our school, we have a series of basic safety rules that we apply at all times, which are as follows:

  1. We ask permission from parents or guardians before using the Internet.
  2. We only use websites that have been previously assessed by teachers.
  3. We always log off before switching off the computer.
  4. We write e-mails to people we trust.
  5. We never share personal information of any kind.
  6. We do not save passwords on shared computers.
  7. We always tell the teacher if we detect anything inappropriate.


The use of the internet and digital tools is common among primary and secondary school students, so in addition to technical knowledge related to programming and robotics for children, it is also important to provide them with guidance on how to use the internet.

The importance of knowing the basics of programming

At El Altillo International School we know that languages will have a crucial importance for the future of our students, that is why we include in our programmes the learning of the basics of programming.

Many experts warn that in the near future, knowing programming languages will be a basic skill. As with languages, a primary school pupil has a much greater capacity for assimilation than an adult, which is why primary school is the perfect time to start programming at a basic level.

During the secondary school years, this capacity is perfected. A pupil who learns the basics of programming in primary school will be able to develop his or her skills in higher grades, learning to handle programming languages with the skill with which they speak several languages.

Robotics and the promotion of creativity

Our experience has taught us that robotics classes challenge their creativity. Our students value very positively the activities related to robotics, our laboratories not only allow them to apply the principles of programming, but also provide a suitable space for them to develop their creative potential, and to be able to tackle projects that are very different from those of other subjects.

In our laboratory we have 3-D printing devices, a laser cutting and milling machine, a sublimation device and vinyl printing. The aim is that our students can not only apply the basics of robotics, but also develop their own fully finished robots.

The most complete education at El Altillo International School

When we talk about preparing our students for their future, we must consider what skills they will really need in the coming years. The digital environment will be a basic support for their work and for their personal lives. At El Altillo International School we include programming and robotics in our teaching programmes, so that our students can start preparing for their future.