LAUDE El Altillo Football School

This new season Laude El Altillo Football School  aims to dedícate 100% of our knowledge to this gratifying and fantastic way of training and educating your children through sport.

We are not only looking at technical, tactical, stragecical and physical aims but also at pyschological, social and human ones. We want to use sports values to encourage a healthy lifestyle and improve habits regarding food, higiene, mental and physical health.

We also want to make clear that our pupils are the centre of attention in this school and that sport is something more than a specialization or a professional job. Sport is ethics, health and culture .

Finally we would like to welcome new pupils and thank you for your suoport and trust. If we acheive our final aim of improving as people and sportspersons, our work will have been worthwhile.

We consider playing football to be important for the emotional and cerbral development of children, so by practising this sport, apart from being a game and fun to play, it is an essential element for the pschological growth of infants.All  aspects of emotional and rational intelligence are the basis for any learning in life and is also the basis of the Laude El Altillo Football School educational programme.

Look forward to seeing you!