ISP Schools, winner of the National Award El Suplemento 2023 in the category Educational Project

ISP Schools has recently been awarded the prize for the Award for the Best Educational Project 2023 in the XII Edition of the National Awards . El Suplemento. Miguel Ángel Garrán, Deputy Regional Managing Director, collected this award on behalf of the ISP Schools family on 19 May at a Gala held at The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, where he shared a table with the rest of the winners.

El Suplemento is a platform that rewards excellence and has been working for more than a decade to promote events that enhance synergies. It rewards the talent, perseverance and dedication of companies and professionals, and creates environments that favour networking. The multisectoral nature of the Awards Gala allows them to bring together in the same event the business, scientific, professional and artistic talent of our country.

Many thanks to El Suplemento for highlighting the value of ISP Schools’ educational project, which is based on a deep knowledge of international educational models and programmes, analysis, research and reflection, as well as observation and confirmation of how children and teenagers learn.

At ISP Schools we will continue to work to help our students reach their full academic potential, empowering them to adopt an international mindset through innovative learning.