International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations have finished – El Altillo International School

The ITGS ( Information Technology in a Global Society) exam concluded the May 2021 examinations for our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students.

It has been an intense month of exams which finalizes the two year programme in which they have developed many skills and qualities which will make a marked difference in their careers at university.

Apart from the final exams, during these two years our students have carried out various research projects in different subjects and written an extended essay about a topic of interest to them. All this goes towards their final International Baccalaureate results.

The may exams are the only ones students have to sit during the two year Diploma Programme. With this qualification they can have direct access to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge. In order to get a place at Spanish universities they can do so by means of the foreign studies route or take the Spanish university entrance exams (EVAU)  – there are centres who also prepare for this option. In certain autonomous communities, like Andalusia, they can sit the specific exams of the university entrance Admission Stage (PEVAU) to supplement their final marks, in their case of specially high entrance requirements.

Now, they have to wait for their results on July 5th, and prepare the University Entrance exams.

Congratulations to all our students for their efforts and dedication. We are sure they will achieve whatever they aim for.

Link:  News item from “El País” newspaper in the education section