EYP – European Youth Parliament El Altillo

In the month of November, El Altillo International School dazzled as they celebrated their European Youth Parliament (EYP). We are proud to share how our passionate students not only showcased their excellence, but also reaffirmed their commitment to international education by orchestrating the EYP as an integral part of their CAS project.

Masterfully led by Cristina C. and her dedicated team, this project was not only a testament to their passion, but also to the transformative capacity of education in action.

More than 50 students immersed themselves in the process, divided into 5 committees, where in-depth research and meticulous reflection led to surprising conclusions. The attentive and receptive jury admired the students’ skill during the defences and rebuttals, consolidating the experience as a milestone in the formation of future leaders.

This event not only highlighted the exceptional quality of our students, but also the effectiveness of our international educational methodology. At El Altillo International School, we not only cultivate knowledge, but also foster the creativity and critical thinking that are essential in a globalised and constantly evolving world.

We extend our most sincere congratulations to all the participants for their extraordinary work! This is a tangible testament to our continued commitment to educational excellence and the formation of visionary leaders.