Afternoon Snack With Grandparents 2019

On Friday our traditional Afternoon Snack With Grandparents took place, and as always, students prepared a widely varied spread of snacks to sell. On this occasion, everything collected will go to the NGO Aikovese. We would like to thank all those who attended for their collaboration and especially all those pupils form 6th year Primary and the whole of Secondary who collaborated with their time and generosity, making delicious cakes which helped to make 1.100€. The NGO will use this money to finance the transport of the uniforms collected throughout October and will help to pay for transport for some paraguayan students.

Many thanks also to all those families who help to instill values such as solidarity, empathy and generosity in their children at home, contributing their grain of sand to these charity events, and making their children aware of the importance of helping others.

Congratulations to the group of 1st year Baccalaureate pupils who organized this event as part of their International Baccalaureate CAS Project with so much care and efficiency. Well done ! We are very proud of you! We leave  you with the link to the NGO

This year, as a novelty, one day before the event we received a very special visit. Our pupils´grandparents came to their grandchildrens´classes to share their stories and experiences. We would like to carry on our work teaching values to our students apart form helping to strengthen familiy ties. Watch this video which shows the magic of this occasion.