The International Primary Curriculum, IPC, is a complete, subject-based, creative curriculum that focuses on clear and specific learning goals for every subject. It also develops an international outlook and encourages personal learning.

IPC inspires a global, worldwide outlook. It helps children to understand the circumstances they live in, and to link that with the lives of other people in other countries.

IPC is used in schools in over 90 countries around the world.

The new programme sets learning goals in three separate areas:

  1. Programme subjects. These new learning goals for each subject are as important as those included in the Official Curriculum and motivate the students.
  2. Personal Growth. The programme helps them to mature and act responsibly.
  3. International mindedness development. They will become aware of the country and culture they belong to, and learn the value of connection between different countries and cultures, which is so important today.

We cover two IPC units every term. Students are active in preparing, designing and monitoring them. It is a multi-disciplinary method that will expand their interests, present new experiences and encourage them to use different resources.

Each project will have an attractive, motivating start and finish that rely on the application of Multiple Intelligences.