Our School Garden

We are really happy to announce that our School Garden has finally taken root!

The 5 year olds have enjoyed planting our first seedlings generously donated by www.viviendoenelcampo.es, family to José María Mármol Durán in Primary. The Primary classes will start to contribute to caring for the school garden according to their syllabus content. 

The oldest in preschool will be learning the importance of regular watering and watching the seedlings grow over the rest of this term. It was a great learning experience for them just to understand how to plant such delicate seedlings without damaging their small new leaves and roots.

We have planted 3 types of lettuce (tudela, cos and batavia), rucula, 2 asian lettuce leaves (mikuna and miluna), col lombarda, brocoli, spinach, parsely, celery, Seeded radishes. Strawberries and potatoes are soon to come as well as tomatoes, basil, beans and cucumbers.

The special school garden planting container is designed to collect rainwater for reuse. Hence the ‘chocolate’ coloured water that comes out is causing some concern for the young children! So they are learning that this dark water is not dirty for plants although humans do not drink it!

The soil is covered with straw (mulch) to reduce evaporation and protect the microorganisms in the soil from the harsh sun. Also when it decomposes it adds organic matter to the soil thus fulfilling three functions: water conservation, promoting and protecting the soil microrganism population and building organic matter in the soil.

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