Intercambio Irlanda

Una de las alumnas que ha participado en el Intercambio con Irlanda nos cuenta su experiencia:

This year we went to Dublin, Ireland. We have learned as much as English as its culture and we had really good time there.

At school we participated a lot in classes and we went to very funny classes such as yoga, salsa dancing, cooking, modern dance and first aid.

Every Wednesdays we finished school at 1.10pm so we had lunch out school and we went to town.

On Fridays we had to wear sport clothes because in the last three hours we had excursions or different sport activities such as rugby, hockey or gym.

At weekends we went to an aquapark, parks, etc. Once, we went all the families to a very famous park, we did kayak, we went to Dublin city and we also went to a very beautiful town, at the outsides of Dublin.

As I was in the 2nd group, I went to many places such as Dublin city, Killiney Hill, a shopping centre, to the beach to do kanoa, we also do zip wiring and we went to the theatre to see Irish dancing.

In conclusion, we all had a very good experience and we’d like to go again!





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