Earth Day


This Saturday April 22nd is Earth Day, a day to remember that we have to care for our planet and learn to live sustainably in harmony with nature.

It is the sunlight, rain and soil on our planet that produces food for Us to eat. So we are remembering that we need to care for the earth, to care for ourselves. Seeds need healthy soil and clean water. In addition one of the most effective actions we can take is to plant trees to help reduce the impact of climate change and reduce flooding. 

In Infantil 5 años we are planting seeds in clear jam jars so we can see how the seeds sprout and develop roots, stalks and leaves. D
As we see changes we shall record them in our Plant Book.

In addition we are reinforcing not only the importance of recycling but also to REDUCE the rubbish we generate. To save energy. Not to waste water. To use our feet instead of cars when we can. Use both sides of a piece of paper. Avoid using plastic bags. Avoid using chemical products. Last but not least, to think about the common good for our community .

Obviously these are difficult concepts to explain to young children however to continue talking about these ideas at home will, ensure that our young children will grow up to be amazing EarthHeros!



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