Student Achievement at El Altillo International School: Andrés C. Wins Second Prize in the National Phase of Spain’s “Bridge to China 2024” Competition

We are filled with pride and joy to share this extraordinary news about our student, Andrés C., who has won the second prize in the national phase of Spain’s “Bridge to China 2024” competition in the primary category. This prestigious achievement was awarded by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China at an event held at the University of Granada.

Andrés has demonstrated exemplary dedication and effort over several years of studying the Chinese language. His perseverance and passion for learning have led him to reach impressive levels, allowing him to stand out in this highly relevant competition.

This recognition not only celebrates the valuable goal that Andrés has achieved but also his spirit of sacrifice and his ability to explore new educational paths at such a young age.

On our end, we will continue to support and promote interest in diverse cultures and languages, thus contributing to the development of future global citizens.

Congratulations, Andrés! We are very proud of you and your success.