Foreign Exchange Experience at El Altillo International School: Family Host Testimonial

Hosting Louane, a French exchange student, in our home for a week was an incredibly rewarding experience that surpassed our expectations. The decision to open our doors stemmed from a desire to foster cross-cultural understanding and provide our children with the opportunity to learn about different cultures firsthand.

Louane’s  Spanish was quite good, which facilitated communication and allowed us to engage in meaningful conversations about our lives, traditions, and perspectives. While there were a few minor language barriers, we had fun learning new expressions and idioms in both languages.

Louane proved to be an incredibly mature and responsible young woman. She quickly adapted to our family routine and actively participated in household chores. Her passion for French cuisine led us to explore new flavours and aromas, while we shared the richness of Spanish gastronomy with her.

Louane’s presence sparked an insatiable curiosity in our children about French culture. This cultural immersion broadened my children’s horizons and taught them to value diversity.

The experience also provided us with an opportunity to reflect on our own culture. Through Louane’s eyes, we rediscovered the beauty of our traditions and customs. We realised how fortunate we are to live in a country with such a rich history and vibrant culture.

Despite the brevity of her stay, Louane left an enduring mark on our family. Her joy, curiosity, and open-mindedness inspired us to be more tolerant, understanding, and open to new experiences. We learned that despite our differences, we all share the same dreams and aspirations.

Saying goodbye was bittersweet, but we are comforted knowing that we have gained a new friend across the world. Louane promised to visit us again soon, and we eagerly await the day we can reunite and continue sharing our lives.

Hosting an exchange student is an experience I highly recommend to all families. It is a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and create bonds that last a lifetime. We are deeply grateful for the chance to have shared our home with Louane and hope to repeat this experience in the future.