Erasmus+ Experience in Helsinki: Learning the Finnish way

We were excited to participate in the Erasmus+ programme in Helsinki (Finland) to learn about their education system. As teachers, we wanted to see how things are done there and take new ideas back to our own classrooms. The opportunity to observe new teaching methods in Helsinki schools was very appealing. We were also eager to explore Finnish culture and sustainable practices. We are very grateful to our school for giving us this opportunity, which has greatly enriched our professional and personal lives.


During my stay at the school in Helsinki, we learned a lot about their educational approach. We saw what daily life is like in a Finnish school and experienced the unique learning environments in the classrooms. The atmosphere was very engaging, with projects and evidence of student learning displayed everywhere. This helped us to understand how a well-structured and supportive learning environment can foster pupils’ creativity and independence. We observed new teaching methods and classroom management techniques that we will now be able to use in our own teaching.


We were impressed not only by the wide range of subjects on the curriculum, but also by the excellent manners of the students. Politeness was a fundamental part of classroom interactions, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration. What surprised me most was how much pupils were trusted to do what was expected of them. There was also a lot of support for pupils with special needs in the mainstream classroom, which allowed all children to be very independent and ensured that each child’s individual pace was respected. What impressed us most was how Finnish schools teach children to be responsible at such a young age. We saw children dressing themselves in their winter clothes to go to the playground, serving themselves lunch in the dining room, threading and using a sewing machine and cooking their own lunches. This level of responsibility is something we hope to bring back and instill in our students. This will benefit our students academically and help them develop important life skills and a sense of global citizenship, enriching our entire school community.

In addition, the classrooms are designed in a way that allows for fantastic acoustics, which helps students to concentrate on their studies without distractions, creating a quiet and respectful environment. This demonstrated Finland’s commitment to providing students with a great educational experience. It highlighted the importance of creating spaces where students feel valued, supported and empowered to reach their full potential. Our stay in Helsinki reinforced our belief in the power of education and its strong impact on individuals and society.


Participating in the Erasmus+ programme will have an impact on both us and our school community. The ideas and experiences we have gained in Helsinki will help us to use new pedagogical strategies to improve the learning experience of our students. Sharing these practices with my colleagues will create an environment in which we can all improve our teaching methods.


During our visit, we were touched by the warm welcome we received from the teachers. Their support and guidance made our experience unforgettable, and we are incredibly grateful for their hospitality. Exploring the city, trying new foods and using public transport were some of the activities that contributed to our adventure and created indelible memories that we will cherish for many years to come. The three of us had a great time together; although we have known each other for a long time, we rarely have the opportunity to meet in our work environment. This trip allowed us to bond and further strengthened our friendship.